Unlit panel

The Unlit wall panels deliver coverage of the most important strategic locations where there is no possibility for supply of electricity, but make up for this shortcoming with their excellent positioning, dominant size and the use of high quality laminated posters. They come in two standard sizes: 3,2m x 1,2m and 3,2m x 1,4m. The portfolio of locations provides high dwell time combined with size and proximity to the audience and presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to communicate detailed messages.

Portfolio of locations:

  • Departures hand baggage control
  • Departures entry points and waiting lounges
  • Arrivals Passport Control
  • Wall in front of the Greeters area

Technical Properties of poster:

  • Grayback PVC based foil for indoor use
  • Minimum 720 dpi printing
  • Matte lamination of the poster
  • Posters have to be delivered at least 48h before the preferred date of mounting