We offer an extremely attractive and effective media channel placed in a beautiful new environment, seen by a public of more than 2 million viewers per year. We deliver advertisements and the possibility to influence the hard to reach audience of business leaders and high income earners. These are people who love luxury items and have the disposable income to indulge themselves. In addition, they are the early adopters of high tech gadgets with both knowledge and interest in this propulsive sector.

Airport experience is universal to all travelers: they are excited, feel good in that surrounding, and at the same time have the same needs for entertainment and new information. They are also at a point of captivation with a high dwell time where they are able and willing to absorb, engage and interact with media messages. This mindset presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to exploit, with the latest research in the field validating this fact and showing that consumers are exceptionally receptive to this media channel and a high majority of more than 85% of international flyers enjoying airport advertising. They expect to see premium brands and new technology as part of the ambiance on the airport, providing advertisers with an effective media for engaging and building a stronger relationship with this highly valuable audience.

Portline’s broad portfolio of advertising media on Skopje ”Alexander the Great” Airport comprises of:

  1. Standard and Mega sized panels which in turn can be:
    • Backlit
    • Unlit
  2. Special Solutions for branding of:
    • Moving Staircases
    • Columns
    • Glass doors and windows
    • Walls
  3. Possibility to set up promotional stands on strategic locations
  4. Possibility to perform promotional activities

All of the advertisements are of the highest quality and contribute to improving the passenger experience.

To find out more about each of the advertising media we offer, browse through the buttons on the right.