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January 2014


Dear Sirs / Madams, We are pleased to announce you that Portline Macedonia has launched a newsletter, where we will be covering some topics, statistics, case studies and a lot of other interesting things regarding to airport advertisement every month.

Did you know?

The two airports in Macedonia have ended 2013 with 1.067.467 served passengers, representing an increase of nearly 17% compared to the previous year. The growth was primarily fueled by Skopje “Alexander the Great” airport which has welcomed 984.407 passengers through its doors during 2013 making for an increase of 18% in comparison to 2012. Ohrid’s “St. Paul the Apostle” airport served 83.060 passengers and grew by 6,5% compared to 2012.

Case study

Special branding on airports is especially effective if it is placed on strategic points through which every passenger must pass. Take a look at this prime example -- a branded model of Airbus A380 Superjumbo by ONE Telekom in the main airport hall of Skopje "Alexander the Great" Airport. The main airport hall is the most crowded place on Skopje airport, through which one has to pass regardless of whether one is departing, arriving, saying farewell or welcoming someone. The advertisements positioned in the main hall reach a target group of more than 1.3 million persons per year.

Airport Advertisements

· Are seen 365 days per year, 24 hours per day
· Offer an audience with high purchasing power.
· Along with internet advertising are the fastest growing medium worldwide
· Has a relatively low price per thousand in comparison with TV, radio or print media

Our Plans

Our latest project is the placement of two sided backlighted megalights. They will be located in front of the main entrance and exit doors of the Skopje Airport and will be standing at the airport garden. The project is in its final faze, as you will be able to see them on February 2014.