Megalights are the largest format of internally illuminated advertising panels, delivering scale and great impact. The sheer size and quality of the panel generates brand prestige, and transfers a message of dominance and power to the viewers. The panels come in two standard sizes: 4m x 3m and 6m x 2m with a portfolio of locations that includes standout positions both inside and outside the airport making it great for reaching 100% of the audience that passes by.

Portfolio of locations:

  • Central positions in the main airport hall
  • Airport garden between the terminal building and the parking lot

Technical Properties of poster:

  • Minimum 350g/sq. m density, we recommend 550g/sq. m
  • Minimum 25% translucency
  • Minimum 720 dpi printing, we recommend double side printing
  • Posters have to be delivered at least 48h before the preferred date of mounting