Ankara Esenboğa Airport

Ankara Esenboğa Airport symbolizes the new and modern face of Ankara, thanks to its original design and different architectural perspective that provides easy access for the passengers.

Ankara Esenboğa Airport, selected as “The Best Airport” in “5-10 million passengers” category by ACI Europe in 2009 also has a strategic significance as the protocol and diplomacy gate of our country.

Esenboğa Airport, with the number of passengers increasing each year, its modern architecture and efficient advertising areas, provides influential publicity facilities for the advertiser companies.

Approximately 250 airplanes land and take off daily in Esenboğa Airport which serves about 23 thousand passengers each day. Portline responds to different needs of the advertisers with CLP network of 100 faces and the panels situated in the most visible locations in the Domestic and International Lines of Esenboğa Airport

In Ankara Esenboğa Airport PORTLINE DIGITAL advertises the brand message using digital signage; a form of out-of-home advertising in which video advertisements are displayed on Video Walls and LED Screens.

PORTLINE DIGITAL’s advertising units such as Video Walls and LED Screens are sold weekly, with 15 seconds advertisement spots and in minimum 300 frequency.

With digital advertising units PORTLINE presses forward in being more effective in bringing the brands and campaigns of maximum 10 advertisers together with the target mass in a broadcast cycle.

Visual Display s like hologram or projection applications are attractive and highly efective communication tools to reach the target audiences.

They may be placed in every location within the airport and gives opportunity to reach the target directly with dynamic and entertaining products.

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